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  1. Road Accident Fund Claims For Medical Experts
    Chronos Consultants assists Medical Experts with their claims from the Road Accident Fund and Panel Attorneys. This service is strictly on a commission basis and no payments are required upfront. Medical Experts who have outstanding RAF – related invoices can submit their invoices to Chronos Consultants to audit, reconcile and submit to the Road Accident Fund and follow up on claims
  2. Marketing Services For Medical Experts.
    Chronos Consultants has Created a platform for booking of Medical Experts for Medico Legal consultations and assessments throughout South Africa. We partner with medical experts and create a panel of experts for Attorneys to choose from at affordable prices throughout the country at strategic locations for easy access. We also ensure client satisfaction through affordable pricing and great client services.
  3. Claims Management.
    We assist Medical Experts in managing their claims by giving advice and solutions in respect of their claims for services rendered to Medical Aids, Insurance Companies, Attorneys and the Road Accident Fund.
  4. Consulting.
    We give our clients expert advice and solutions on improving company processes and administration processes.
  5. Invoicing.
    Chronos Consultants offers invoicing for Medical Experts making it easier for professionals to focus on rendering their services and leaving the invoicing and collections to us.

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Handling of small to large and complex claims.

Centralized hub for claims and Medical Expert bookings

All claims are handled by a team of Experts housed within Chronos Consultants.

Ability to book from a vast list of Medical Experts that suite your budget and location.

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