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Chronos Consultants, claims management & medico legal claims, South Africa

 Who We Are

Chronos Consultants are providers of professional claims management, medico legal claims, medical claims, claims support services and marketing services. We offer a system of claims solutions through a comprehensive intergrated Claims Management System, Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting Services. Claims Company is an independent claims handling company whose aim is to help the medical experts manage claims as efficiently as possible. Efficient and cost effective processes are the basis of our success.

Our company's staff is highly skilled and trained to be the best in the market. Our expertise lies in the handling of medical expert's personal claims, medical practices claims from Road Accident Fund. 

Chronos Consultants is highly experienced in handling and managing claims as well as providing of claims services. We are a dynamic organization and we are driven by passion for delivering excellence, value and services to our clients.
Chronos Consultants also aims to become the market leader in claims management and marketing services.

Chronos Consultants handles claims of any size, from small to commercial, regardless of size and complexity. Chronos Consultants will evaluate the claims, and depending on its size it will handle the claim. Less complex claims, requiring no investigation, are fast tracked, and handled cost effectively though. This system encourages the most effecient settlement/ payment process. 
Chronos Consultants claims support services and marketing services in South Africa

More complex claims, which require services, such as site investigation, are handed over to the relevant division within Chronos Consultants, which houses the people, skills and technology to provide an efficient claims handling process.

This system streamlines the claims process, thereby assuring the best customer service as the life cycle of a claim is reduced and lower administrative costs.
This model ensures that the Division communicates quickly and easily with clients. This ensures that all parties know where the claim is in the process and allows a more cost effective processing of the claim.

Key Competencies

Why Choose Us.

Handle small to large and complex claims

Centralized hub for claims

Communicate directly with all the various parties

Cost effective as less complex claims handled by the department on a desk top basis

Complex claims handled by experts housed within Chronos Consultants

Skills, people and technology to process claims effectively

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